October 2, 2022

Boat, Yacht, & Jet Ski Insurance

We have been boating for over 30 years which helps us better understand all the coverage requirements of boat, yacht, and jet ski owners.  Did you know that if your boat sinks, your are responsible to clean up any fuel spill?  Did you know that accidents that occur on navigable waters typically fall under Admiralty Law?  In most cases, Admiralty Law puts a much greater legal burden on the boat owner.  Does your policy cover fuel spills? Are your Liability limits adequate?  We can help you answer these questions.

One of the most important things to understand about boat policies is that they are very different from most insurance policies.  For example, your auto policy might list the use of your car as "Pleasure Only", but this is only a rating variable, and does not actually affect coverage.  If you were to use your car to drive to work, you would still be covered.  However, on a boat policy, if it says your lay-up period is from 09/01 to 05/01, this is not just a rating variable, this is an actual coverage restriction.  If you use the boat on 09/02, there would be NO COVERAGE!

We repsent several carriers that gives us the abiltiy to insure almost any size or type of boat, yacht or jet ski.


Boat - Malibu
Boat - Predator 100
Jet Ski

Our Boat, Yacht & Jet Ski Insurance Companies Include the following:

AIG Private Client Group
AIG Private Client Group

Nationwide Private Client

National Marine Underwriters





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